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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Emlak ilanlari, Arama. Property Turkey. Emlakla ilgili Iş Kollari ilanlari.

They say that here in Turkey, even your waiter will try to sell you real estate. Well, I've figured out why!!!

I was sitting in a cafe in Antalya, enjoying the spring sunshine and discussing a hotel project for upcoming sale. The waiter came and brought us our tea, and very soon afterward, came back - with a notepad! So, he said casually, how much are they asking for the hotel? Where is it, who owns it, there's an aqua-park in the complex, see, there, in the picture, it'll be an easy sale, here's my card, can I have yours please...

In a land where you can approach 5 agents all selling the same property for a different price, you have to wonder where the 'Chinese whispers' start... And stop! Probably in a cafe.

The moral of the story - ask to see the Tapu. If the agent has a copy of the Tapu, it means they have the authority to sell the property. If they don't have a copy of the Tapu, they are just another part of the game - and have probably hoisted the price to include their cut.

And if you're sitting in a cafe in Antalya, enjoying the spring sunshine and a waiter asks if you're interested in buying a rather nice hotel (with aqua-land), say hi from me :) .


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