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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Daylight savings has begun – Yee Haa!!! For such warm-blooded creatures as myself, it signals a return to the best part of the year, where I can peel off the wooley layers and bask in the sunshine. Of course I am spoiled with the summer here in Antalya. Last year it rained once, and that was only 2 drops. (Really – I went out to stand in it and came back inside dry, so either there wasn't much, or I can dance between the drops - you decide).

Mind you, since starting evbazar.com, I seem to be locked in this chair, in front of this computer (with the heater on J). Summer is coming and by the looks of things, my tan will be somewhat neglected. It has amazed me how much work goes into a web-site. First the idea, then the content, then getting the thing built. After that comes the dreaded search engine optimisation, and tweeking. And that’s before you even go live!

Once it’s up, there’s the constant process of improvement – what else can we do? What do they want to know? How can we do it better? And so, on it goes.

But with all that – tan-less-ness included, at the end of the day I know who the boss is, and I know that the boss really wouldn’t mind if I took the afternoon off to hit the beach once in a while.

Hmmm. Think I might invest in a notebook…


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